October 29, 2009

Conference Buzz

The SCBWI conference this past Saturday in Oakland was a great learning experience. It was a real treat listening to Stephen Mooser, co-founder of SCBWI, speak about getting young readers to laugh. His books and ideas are fresh and inspiring.

I had my "first page" read aloud by Sarah Shumway at HarperCollins, and my first 10 pages hand edited by Abigail Samoun from Tricycle Press. Lots of helpful feedback, and I feel as though my manuscript is really "getting there".

Another highlight to the day was getting to know my new critique buddy better. After 4 hrs. in the car together, I feel like we've been friends for years. Thanks Rachel for the wonderful visit!


  1. Hi Christina! Here I am at your blog--super! Thanks for sharing info about conference. Had a great time chatting with you at lunch. See you next month! :-)
    Lori Mortensen

  2. Thanks for bringing us info on picture books from the conference. Maybe there is a picture book in your writing future. See you at the next schmooze!

  3. Had a great time too! I am a bit late on the blog check up, but now I am number 2 in your followers:) You need to comment on your hives to let us know how they are holding up!