October 6, 2009

Writing Groups

Met with a handful of fellow SCBWI members at a writer's "schmooze" today. Really nice to hear everyone's experiences in the writing world.

It seems most of the SCBWI members I have met write picture books, so it's always a delight to find someone else writing for YA. Just started attending a local critique group where all 4 of us have written YA novels (yippeee!) And all of the novels have a fantasy, or at least some sort of "otherworldly" aspect.

We shall see how a round of critiquing with the new group will shape my book even more (does the editing process ever end!? Just when I think it's perfect....wait...what's that you say, not enough description? More clarification??) And then I shall submit once more to the legions of agents simply dying to read my manuscript!

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