June 5, 2010

First 5 Sentences Contest--Win a Critique from agent Barbara Poelle

This contest is through Sophie Littlefield's blog. Click here for instructions.

The first 5 sentences of my novel Arrow of the Mist:

A pair of horses charged toward Lia’s cottage. She recognized Da’s friend, Kenneth, and then her insides went cold. Riding beside him, Da’s body lay limp upon his horse.

Lia dropped the harvested mallow root and sped from her garden. Ma’s scream shot like arrows through her heart, but Kenneth’s words, “He’s alive, Carin,” offered them a measure of hope.


  1. Good luck, I entered too! I didn't win Nathan Bransford's contest though.

  2. I entered too, but didn't get chosen as a semi-finalist:(

  3. Doesn't look like any of us made the cut this time.