August 14, 2010

WriteOnCon Conference overview

Okay, I admit, I didn't view the online conference as it happened. But, I had the immense pleasure of checking out one particular bloggers EXCEPTIONAL recap of the event. Go HERE and click on his links to some of the most helpful lessons/advice/tips on writing (especially for MG & YA)


  1. They flew away!! I went on to my site and it was nothing but green, no more bees! Something must have happened with link...?? Oh well, with this one I can make wishes on the dandelions ;-))

  2. I'm still catching up on some of the presentations from WriteOnCon. There was/is soooo much info at this conference. It was well worth the time.

    And... thank you, Christina, for listing my blog on your blog. :^)

  3. It may have been a page loading issue; when I go on your site, it looks green first, and then fills in. Did you try reloading it later?

  4. No matter how you viewed it, I'm glad you enjoyed the conference!