May 28, 2011

Juggling Manuscripts

So, are you working on more than one manuscript at a time, or do you focus on one until it's "finished" (at least the first full draft)?

For me, a little juggling is okay. As ideas spark, I muse about their possibilities for a story and jot them down for future reference. Or when I need a break from the main project--I've hit a crossroads somewhere in the middle or the writing starts to feel sluggish--I find it's a great time to channel my imagination in other directions to help revive the create flow.

Ultimately, though, one manuscript at a time gets the spotlight. It's the one I'm "married" to until the first draft is complete. Flirting with other manuscripts is fun, and ensures there's that next one to jump into the arms of later, but really I'm a one-manuscript kinda gal.

What about you?


  1. I can only do first-draft writing one book at a time. But I can edit one and be writing one...although I've never tried more than that.

  2. I agree! Better to focus on one mss at a time. The only problem I've found is that mss #1 never seems to be 'finished'. There's always one more edit-go-round or one more thing that wakes you up at 3am!

  3. How funny. You used juggling in your recent blog. I used spinning. We're on the same wave length! Of course we are!

  4. I've always focused on one manuscript at a time. I used to think juggling different WIPs was a form of procrastination. Now, I focus on one project exclusively until I finish the first draft. Once that's done, I can turn to my other WIP, and then cicle back to my first draft with fresh eyes for revisions. I also don't think we should juggle too many WIPs at the same time. It dilutes the focus we can pay to each, stretches our creative bandwidth too thin.