June 16, 2011

Mister Deep Blue Sea...of Writing

Mister Deep Blue Sea is quite analogous to where my writing takes me. I don't know if it's the same for other writers, but the more I write, the deeper the waters become. I tread the shallows for awhile, drawing from the most memorable experiences/feelings, and then once I've swam those till my fingers are good and pruned, I delve deeper, and after that, a little deeper, until... I start to recall experiences and feelings I'd long forgotten about, some great, others not so great, but all of them treasures of emotion to use in my writing. So, swim on, I say, into that deep blue sea... ~~~  ><>  ><>  ~~~ ~~~

(On a side note, Mae West worked in Hollywood the same time as my great, great Uncle Frank Capra ;-))


  1. Did your great uncle ever say, "Mae I be Frank?" to her?

  2. You're related to Frank Capra? How cool is that? I adore his movies.

    The "deep, blue sea" analogy is perfect for writing. I've likened writing to digging a hole, building a brick wall - but the sea metaphor is spot on. The realm of creativity is as wide-open and beautiful as the sea - and, on occasion, just as treacherous!

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