July 20, 2011

SCBWI Summer Workshop

I attended the 4 day writers workshop hosted by SCBWI this past weekend at the beautiful Dominican University in San Rafael. The wonderful Abigail Samoun, literary agent at Red Fox Literary, and author Suzanne Morgan Williams taught the workshops. With so many talented writers in attendance, it was fantastic to hear read-alouds and verbal critiques. Each attendee got a one-on-one critique of their current WIP with either Abigail or Suzanne. I had the pleasure of speaking at length with Abigail, receiving useful feedback and sharing ideas.

The annual workshop will be changing their venue next year, and word around the lunch table is that it will be changed to a one day "event", with the option for writers to make a weekend of it on their own. Something to pencil in on your calendar for next year ;-)).


  1. How cool! I wish I was coming to the meeting tomorrow to hear your and Rachel's experience. Oh well, another time.

  2. You are so good at keeping up with your conferences! I got new business cards, made some more contacts, sent my pre-published book to someone's iPad, and of course networked on Facebook . Self-publishing is exhausting. I need another nap!

  3. Ditto to your comments above! It was a blast. And my husband wondered why I was so tired when I returned home on Sunday afternoon.

    In order to relate the experience I dug deep to find a comparison. It wasn't hard since my husband's a competitive cyclist. I told him that the weekend was like riding a hundred mile race, but in my brain, not a bike:)