September 26, 2011

Indie & E-Pub Revolution

Publishing has certainly made a great shift. The annual San Francisco Writer's Conference Contest is proof in the pudding. Changes were made in 2011 and will continue with the 2012 contest. Instead of the traditional format, the winner receives $30,000 in self-publishing and promo services. Let's read that again, "self-publishing". What used to be an ugly word in publishing has changed. And e-books are at the heart of this change.

The tide of e-books has come in, giving authors a new sea of opportunity. Statistics posted last week by Harris Interactive show that 1/6 Americans use an e-reader, with 1/6 likely to purchase one in 6 months. Agents and publishers alike are being pushed toward these new e-waters. Publisher's Weekly posted today, "Trident Media launches E-Book program for its Clients"

E-publishing has opened the doors big time to writers who have not been able to publish traditionally. This has put more responsibility on the readership to determine if stories are worthy or not. Interesting shift.

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