November 23, 2011

A Snow White Kinda Year

So, I've recently been watching the new ABC Television series "Once Upon A Time" with Ginnifer Goodwin as Snow White (I won't post the trailor here, since I'm already posting two movie trailers). All things fairy tale appeal to me, so when this show aired I knew it'd be a new favorite. The last episode included Cinderella (my childhood fav) and they've done a spectacular job with Rumplestiltskin and the evil queen.

Then while watchiing previews at the movie theater the other day, I saw the trailor for "Snow White and the Huntsman" starring Kristen Stewart and Charlize Theron. Oh Joy!!

And I just caught another trailor for "Mirror Mirror" (this one is much more comic-like), starring Lily Collins and Julia Roberts.

So, I'd say we are rolling into a Snow White Kinda Year.   


  1. Ooh, I'm looking forward to both of those!

  2. definitely looking forward to both, they each have different appeal but both look good!

  3. Those I will go see with you--hope you enjoyed Breaking Dawn!

  4. I love a good twist on a story, don't you?