October 3, 2012

Indie-Visible Literary Justice For All

When an awesome group of writers decide to take the world by storm, what do you get? Drum roll…. Indievisible Literary Justice For All. I’m thrilled to be a part of this Independent-Writer Collective, excited for our upcoming book releases, blog posts, contests, and tons of kick-ass fun! Come on over and take a peek at our team and check out our first Serial Story Contest. Read a few indie book reviews and posts while you’re there.

Yours truly has a post up: My Big Buzz, as well as my review of indie book Cinderella’s Secret Diary. If you have recommendations for Indie Books to review, lemme know and I will add them to our list!  


  1. Very cool! Does this mean you'll be self-publishing soon?

  2. Yeah! I'll check it out this weekend. I can't wait. Your Big BUZZ is awesome.

  3. Going to pub Arrow of the Mist with a little help from my indie group :-)

    1. I'll be one of your downloaders! And I'll tell everyone I can.