November 24, 2010

Journaling Thanks

Writing Forward posted some great journal prompts to show gratitude. Find their site here: Writing Forward

I chose the prompt: Appreciating little things like a sunset or a delicious meal is important to me. Some of the little things that I appreciate are…

Joking around with my kids
Snuggling with hubby
Laughing with friends
A hot mug of tea
Dog noses nudging me for pets
A great novel


1 comment:

  1. We have a few in common. Here are mine:
    A hot cup of PG Tips
    Cuddling with Alfi
    Collecting shells and seaglass
    Paging through a novel I can't put down
    Worshiping God through music
    Discussing hot topics and thought provoking issues with my kids
    Sharing a laugh or heartwarming moment with a friend
    Laughing, loving, and growing old with my husband