November 11, 2010

Not Gonna Let Trends Get Me Down!

My novel writing to date is YA Fantasy--High/Traditional Fantasy to be exact, and I love, love, love this genre. After attending a conference in October where the "What's trendy in YA Fiction" was discussed (need I say vampires?)in addition to a recent rejection I recieved from an agent who had requested a partial, I started dragging around some major Eeyore ears. High Fantasy is a "Hard Sell", I was told, "contemporary settings, magical realism, and dystopian are what's selling now." more Frodos? Merlins? How can this be?

So, amid my days of moping, I shoved aside the half-finished sequel to my novel (hiding it far from my prying eyes), and worked on other projects: a Chapter Book I'd started awhile back, brainstorming on a YA novel idea I've had, editing for critique partners. This work was good, great even, the juices were flowing, ideas were spinning. But all the while my completed novel "Arrow of the Mist" and its WIP sequel were in the back of my mind, huddled there like a couple of neglected orphans. My babies! These were the fruit of my creative juices, and it was then that I decided, I am Not Gonna Let Trends Get Me Down!

"Arrow of the Mist" made it to the top 1% of finalists in the 2010 Amazon Breakout Novel Contest. I'm proud of it, and I have faith it will touch readers like me who adore a good fantasy :-))

Sequel, here I come!!


  1. This is super comforting!! That whole 'what sells' discussion can make anyone's head spin out of control. Just do what *most* agents say: 'write want you want to write.'

    Even if you don't get published, at least you're happy :D

    Great post!

  2. Hey, we're still happy reading it, so keep writing it! We can't be the only ones.

  3. Thank You Thank You Thank You, I just got another request for a partial, so keep fingers crossed! (and magic swords, and wands, etc.) ;-))

  4. We write because we must. We write what we love because it would otherwise be dishonest. We write and cry and laugh and pray. You are amazing and you WILL get published. I'm here with hugs, tea, edits, and more hugs. Keep on writing!

  5. Yours isn't good fantasy, it's GREAT fantasy!
    :) Rachel