August 4, 2011


"HOOKED" by Les Edgerton is getting my vote for another great writing resource. The book concentrates on the all important start of a story, and really identifying those key elements required to hook your reader and keep them reading all the way through. Three distinct aspects every writer should be able to identify in his/her mss is the Inciting Incident, the Surface Problem, and the Story-Worthy Problem. It's amazing to really sit down and hash out this magical trio. Not only do they help identify the true bones of the story, they show the writer how to propel the story forward in the most powerful way. The author goes onto to explain a number of other elements including structure, set up, back story, foreshadowing, etc.

Another worthwhile resource for any writer's collection!


  1. Excellent. I'll have to look into that resource.

    Thanks for posting about it!

  2. Tee Hee! That is the book I'm blogging about next. Have you hit the chapter about first sentences and paragraphs? Your new WIP is smack on!